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I found the Beginning Experience weekend really, really helpful in coping with and recovering from my divorce. The structure of the programme is excellent because you hear honesty and emotion from real people who have experienced pain similar to yours who are running the weekend.  There is time to individually reflect and then, if you wish, to reflect in a small, safe group where the people are welcoming and non-judgmental   I’m not religious, however I found the location at the friary to be soooo peaceful.  I have 3 kids and work fairly long hours, so having a weekend just to stop and work on healing yourself was invaluable.  I didn't leave with any ‘instant’ answers, I left with an understanding of what I was going through and the skills to heal and cope.  Unexpectedly I also left feeling my life had been enriched, I’d grown emotionally and had some fun along the way!  Since then I have recommended the weekend to my friends and acquaintances that are separated, divorced or widowed.  Thank you to the excellent, dedicated team of volunteers.                                         Steve, New Zealand. 

I attended my first Beginning Experience 13 months after the death of my husband. I was a little anxious of what to expect from the weekend but I was curious. By Sunday afternoon I felt a sense of camaraderie, I knew I wanted to belong to this group. To have a listening ear, care, concern, and acceptance was huge for me. I was allowed to be where I was at in my grief and reassured all was normal in the grief process. I have continued with Beginning Experience as a facilitator and this has also been an important journey in helping me to move through the stages of grief and pain fully. I have met some wonderful people on the same journey who are willing to share their pain and loss to enable others through this process to acceptance and healing.

Ann Ita

I attended Beginning Experience 15 months after my wife died. Whilst I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I was hoping to learn more about how I might deal with my grief. I wasn't disappointed.The willingness of others to share their stories in such a candid way was truly humbling. It encouraged me to share mine, the results being wonderfully cathartic.  

David, Auckland.

I think the Beginning Experience programme is very well designed and facilitated.  It’s very powerful in its structure and as I’ve reflected on my own experience, believe it to be an excellent programme to assist people to move on with some new tools in place and begin healing from the loss of a spouse, and separation and divorce.

 One of the things I loved about the weekend was that I was able to acknowledge and process aspects of my own grief in a safe and empathetic environment as well as I had the privilege of others trusting me with their own personal stories.  Because of the trust built and confidentiality of the programme, I believe this allows and enables personal healing to take place. I also found the personal reflection times a powerful tool to help with this healing process.

 My group was so encouraging, honouring and supportive of me. It was a place of safety, sharing, confidentiality, growth, laughter, tears and fun where we were held sensitively and respectfully and where friendships were made.

I would certainly recommend the Beginning Experience weekend to others who are in a season of loss, separation or divorce and believe that everyone who participates in this retreat, will come out with a renewed vigour and strength as well as some effective tools to assist their own healing journey.

Julie  September 2016

They are impressed with our support

I had divorced and Beginning Experience sounded like a way to regain my self-image. I found just what I needed - the hope that I could recover and start my life again.
It had been two years since my husband's death. I saw a notice in my church bulletin and decided to try it. I needed healing and this was where I found it.
Three years after my husband's death, I thought I was coping pretty well. I was so wrong. Beginning Experience changed me into a much happier person.
As a widow of 7 years, I was skeptical about going to Beginning Experience. I felt no one would understand my pain. The weekend literally saved my life. I found the peace I so longed for.