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Auckland Team:

Kelly  027 686 4416 

Bev  027 248 1631
   or  09 298 9943


C/-  7/47 Shelly Beach Rd, St Marys Bay, 

Auckland 1011


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Auckland Team
c/- 7/47 Shelly Beach Road

St Marys Bay
New Zealand
Bev 027 248 1631 or 09 298 9943
Kelly 027 686 4416

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I had divorced and Beginning Experience sounded like a way to regain my self-image. I found just what I needed - the hope that I could recover and start my life again.
It had been two years since my husband's death. I saw a notice in my church bulletin and decided to try it. I needed healing and this was where I found it.
Three years after my husband's death, I thought I was coping pretty well. I was so wrong. Beginning Experience changed me into a much happier person.
As a widow of 7 years, I was skeptical about going to Beginning Experience. I felt no one would understand my pain. The weekend literally saved my life. I found the peace I so longed for.